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  • Each visitor on our site can vote by rating your posts. Each post will be ranked by stars (1-5 stars, 5 stars being the highest amount offered).
  • At the end of each day (midnight LA time) your ranking level will be determined according to the number of visitors votes you received.
  • 5 stars will be handed to the highest level, and for the lowest level a 1 star will be handed.
  • Every midnight (LA time) we determine the number of influencers that can reach each ranking level.
  • Every midnight we will announce the amount offered per one landing for that day ("star rating fees").
  • BESTAlook's Editor has an overall influence of 25% of the general voting process.


  • Every user has his own Earning Account.
  • The total earnings of the "Landing fees" and the "Star rating fees" will add up in that account.
  • You must have a PayPal account and need to submit your PayPal information to get paid.
  • Every time your Earning Account balance amount has reached a sum of $50, payment will be transferred to your PayPal account.
  • Payments will always be handled in amounts of 50 (For example if you’ve reached the amount of $52 on your Earning Account - $50 will be transferred to your PayPal account and you will have $2 credit remaining in your Earning Account balance until you reach $50 again.


  • “Voting” definition: each of BESTAlook’s shoppers will randomly vote for the posts they view according to their likes. The posts will “pop-up” randomly with no way to know which post would pop-up next.
  • "Star rating" definition: the post that gets the highest number of votes (star votes) will receive the prize offered for the 5-star winner that day. The post that receives the second highest number of stars, will receive the prize offered to the 4-star winner that day. (there may be a few winners in the same star category).
  • "Day" definition: From midnight to midnight (LA time) The clock will reset every midnight (LA time).
  • Any suspicion for manipulations will result in an account cancellation and any transfer of any payment.
  • If your Earning Account balance remains inactive for 30 days it will be automatically reset to zero. "Inactive" means – Lack of any activity on your Earning Account.
  • You will receive payment to your account up to 10 days after the date you reached the balance of $50.
  • Our team at BESTAlook is always available to any questions or concerns you may have, and you can reach out to us at any time to
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